Grand Rapids Adult Toy Parties

At Nice & Naughty we strive to bring a modern and upscale twist to everything we do!

You have probably heard of lame “Home Parties” or boring old “Toy Parties”. Well, Nice & Naughty has a new spin on these out dated parties. Our N&N Parties will forever be etched in your mind as one of the most educational, yet fun and personally awakening events of your life. So spread the news and invite your friends, other couples, or co-workers that would enjoy this intimate experience.

Our N&N Parties are fun and educational sessions designed to awaken your inner passion and inspire you to try something new and exciting in your relationship behind closed doors. This experience is sure to add a little spice to your intimate moments.

We know these events can make even the most confidant of women a little shy so we are here to create a fun and flirtatious atmosphere for all of your guests, where no one feels uncomfortable or out of place. Our competent Intimacy Advisers have all the product knowledge and know-how to make everyone feel comfortable and entertained while having a few laughs along the way! They will provide your group a private tutorial of the hottest adult entertainment products on the market and give you the chance to touch and feel each product before you buy.

everyone is welcome

We welcome everyone to enjoy our partyroom! Nice & Naughty doesn’t discriminate when it comes to gender like other companies. All men, women, non-binary, etc are allowed to attend any party.

Parties for Any Occasion

Are you or someone in your circle getting married? Having a Birthday? Did one of you just have a Breakup or are in need of aDivorce Party to celebrate being single and ready to mingle? Or do you just want to have a Girl’s Night Out free from lame pick-up lines? N&N Parties can be planned for basically any fun, romantic occasion, or fantasy.

Hostess Perks

As an added bonus for planning the party, the hostess of the party will receive a 50% discount off one item of their choice! But we don’t stop there because Nice &Naughty is all about class and style so each guest in your party will have a parting gift as well, prepackaged by one of our Intimacy Advisers!

Party Size

We do recommend a minimum party size between 8 to 10 guests.


With a $100 deposit, the room is free to use! However, your guests must collectively, as a group, spend a minimum of $125 towards products during the party in order to receive the $100 deposit back. Hostess purchases do not count towards the $125 purchase minimum.


Most parties are hosted in our private N&N Party Room, located inside our select store locations. If you have a larger guest list, plan on bringing extra entertainment, or want special accommodations, ask a Store Manager how they can help you with our Party Packages! Please check with your nearest location for Party Room availability. Cancellations must be one week in advance of your date.

Food and Drink

You are encouraged to bring appetizers and any beverages of your choice for your party, including any alcohol that your group will be drinking.

Clean Up

Relax and Have Fun! We will clean up after you and your guests. We want you to have a great time and shop our adult entertainment store rather than worry about the clean up!

Party Packages

Classic Party
  • $100 Deposit
  • Refund after $125 spent
  • Party Room use only
  • 2 hour time slot
  • Capacity 15 guests
  • Host responsible for supplies
  • Intimacy Adviser demos for half of party
Deluxe Party
  • $150 Deposit
  • Refund after $200 spent
  • Party Room use only
  • 2 hour time slot
  • Capacity 15 guests
  • Store supplies decorations/games
  • Host responsible for food and drinks
  • Intimacy Adviser demos products AND facilitates games/activities
Premier VIP Party
  • $200 NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit
  • We will close early for your party! Entire store access for you and your guests!
  • Capacity 15 guests
  • Store supplies decorations/games
  • Host responsible for food and drinks
  • Options for Karaoke/DJ/Stripper/Ect

If you are interest in hosting a party for a special occasion or are interested in utilizing one of our rooms for an intimate photo shoot, contact one of our Adult Intimacy Advisers. At Nice & Naughty, we want all our adult clients to feel comfortable and have fun celebrating any occasion.